Super Absorbency Disposable Underpads - Multi-Layered-Ultra-Soft Chux Pads for Incontinence Leakage, 23"x 36"

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Super Absorbency Disposable Underpads 23 x 36

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  • ULTIMATE BED PROTECTION: Get rid of an embarrassing situation and avoid bedwetting by using our bedding underpads! Constructed with a multi-layer design intensely absorbs the liquid and it is suitable for men, women, elderly persons, and especially incontinence patients.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT PADS: The diamond quilted and fluff fill top sheet of this incontinence bed pads prevents wet-back and fluid returns. It quickly absorbs the urine, liquid, or any accidental water and also limits the disgusting odor and wetness. Grab it to get a relaxed overnight sleep!
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY UNDERPADS: Made from a soft and breathable polymer material, this bed mattress pads protect the skin as it effectively absorbs moisture and provides a quick-dry sanitary surface. The smooth finish eliminates friction to avoid skin irritation, rashes, or any other related injuries
  • NON-SKID & WATERPROOF: The embossed Polypropylene outer layer of our quilted underpads sits on the bed steadily and won’t skid or slip. The textures surface of the inner layer evenly distributes the liquid and provides immense leak protection. The enhanced super absorbent polymer has excellent water-repellent properties.
  • MULTIPURPOSE BED PADS: Either it's for your baby or pet, this toddler bed mattress pad is an invincible option for uncontrolled bladder, potty training, etc! This bed pads can be used in mattress, wheelchairs, baby and pets bed, sofas, playpens, and also in hospitals, medical centers, and baby care centers