London and Grant Vitamin C Serum - 1.01 oz

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Features of London and Grant Vitamin C Serum - 1.01 oz

London and Grant Vitamin C Serum - Your Skincare Companion:

Grab everyone’s attention with a young and glowing skin with London and Grant Vitamin C serum! The antioxidants present in this serum cleanses toxic particles and naturally detoxifies the skin without any irritation or allergies. This results in smooth and even-toned skin texture!

As this face rejuvenation serum is made with safe ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types and in all weather conditions!

Restore and Repair:

This skin brightening serum for face prevents oxidative damages due to free radicals, premature aging, eliminating stretch marks, dark spots, acne marks, which outweighs a brighter complexion. This boosts up the collagen production for an advanced hydrating and moisturizing effect. London and Grant vitamin C serum for face regulates the water balance in your skin to avoid dehydration, discoloration, and reduces blemishes.

Our serum hydrates protect and conceal the neck, face from the excessive sun damage! 

Get Banging Glow With London and Grant Vitamin C Serum:

London and Grant Vitamin C serum for face has amazing benefits when applied to your skin! It moisturizes, restores your skin’s natural balance, giving you a clean, healthy, shiny, and radiant-looking face!

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