Easy Touch Syringes, 30 Gauge 1cc ½, 100 Syringes Each Box (0.5 30Gx1/2)

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Easy Touch Syringes, 30 Gauge 1cc ½, 100 Syringes Each Box (0.5 30Gx1/2)

  • Color-Coded to Gauge
  • The optimum design provides a comfortable and positive grip for easy control
  • Needles made with Surgical Steel
  • Triple-Bevel Cut for a Sharper Point
  • Thin Wall Cannulas for an Easier Flow
  • Electro-polished to Remove Burrs for a Smoother Injection
  • Film Coated for Maximum Comfort

Easy Touch Insulin Syringes 30g, 1cc, 1/2″ (12.7mm) are designed to provide insulin injections for diabetes. High use consumers are quick to recognize this high level of quality on a personal level as they experience a more comfortable injection. The quality level found in our diabetic insulin syringes 30g also be found throughout the EasyTouch line of diabetic products.

The EasyTouch Insuline Syringes 30 gauge, 1cc has lubricant film coating for maximum comfort and lines up precisely for accurate dosages. There is no “dead space” allowing for accurate dosing and less waste. A transparent barrel gives an excellent view of syringe contents. Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors. Multi-facet needle bevel with lubricant coating allows smooth and more comfortable injection.

EasyTouch Insulin Syringe 30 gauge, 1cc designed to the highest quality levels possible for a production single-use syringe. An insulin syringe 30 gauge is 100% latex-free. The securely attached needle eliminates needle pop-off. Easy Touch insulin syringes provide the best combination of quality, comfort, and value.