Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks For Adults, Anti Dust face Masks 100 ct

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Disposable 3 Ply Breathable & Comfortable Anti Dust Face Masks for Adults, 100ct

Highlights of Disposable 3 Ply Anti Dust Face Masks

  • Anti-dust face mouth filter tools for adults
  • 3 Layers design, with elastic ear loops manufactured in a sterile facility, samples are tested regularly, Lightweight provides comfort and easy breathing.
  • A lightweight and foldable design makes these face covers easy to fold into your bag and take along on a trip. Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks For Adults are perfect for sports, hiking, or climbing, they are a great item to take along when you when you will be among people and want to stay safe.


Durable & stretchable straps with dual point attachments, ensuring reliable Mask protection. Metal Nose Bridge clip improving the airtightness. High-quality elastic ear bands of disposable anti dust face masks are comfortable to wear for long period.

An adjustable facemask, disposable anti dust face masks is made with high quality and good design. The masks have comfortable elastic ear hooks; super-soft ear hooks eliminate ear pressure. The inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, is non-pigmented and soft to the skin.

These disposable Anti Dust Face Masks/Protective Face ᴍᴀsᴋ can keep you away from air particles and pollutants. Help to prevent coughing and sneezing water from entering the nose and mouth. Five protective layers help you purify each breath.

These disposable 3 ply anti dust face masks can be widely used in Outdoor Cycling, Walking, Working, Shopping, Home Decoration, etc.

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Fashion Protective, Unisex Black Dust Cotton, Washable, Reusable Cotton Fabric

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Disposable 3 ply anti dust face masks are made up of three layers in which the outermost layer is woven, the middle is a filter, and the third layer is used for the protection of the soft facial tissues.

Disposable anti dust face masks provide more protection against the dust, fluid, and droplets that cause health issues. They are better and safer than cloth masks.  Surgical masks are a great example, and it is the second most trusted mask after the N-95 masks. They can also be used as disposable 3 ply face masks for adults.

Features of Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks for Adults:

3 ply face masks fit most face shapes. They are designed to cover your nose, mouth and chin to provide a comfortable experience. The box contains a 100ct of anti-dust, disposable 3 ply face masks for adults. The ear loop straps are elastic and can be stretched to fit any face size. You can wear them anywhere you need to visit, which could be construction site, hospital, doctor’s clinic, beauty shop etc.

Nowadays it is important to wear masks and there is no excuse for not doing so. These disposable face masks are safer and are available at reasonable prices which enables you to have a bulk of them in your car or your purse so that you do not have to worry on days when you forget your mask or the people around you do, you can be the one who saves the day.

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