Digital Thermometer Multi-Use Infrared Thermometer Instant Testing in One Second Quick Read Thermometer with Fever Alarm Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Baby Kids & Adults | Corrica Brands

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Digital Thermometer 

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Using high-precision sensor probes, and the latest smart chips with the optimized algorithm, our baby thermometer delivers reliable temperature readings with touching! The latest infrared technology in our thermometer takes a quick reading which is great with squirmy babies and toddlers
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Our baby ear thermometer is engineered using reliable ABS housing materials and a firm grip to easily take the temperature of your baby who wouldn’t just stay still! This digital thermometer includes auto-shutoff for power saving and large backlit display to get a clear reading in the even in dark!
  • FEVER ALARM AND MEMORY FEATURE - Featured with three different fever indicators and sound patterns, our forehead thermometer alerts you if the body temperature rises to fever. This thermometer can store record upto 35 previous readings to track the temperature changes of your baby.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL THERMOMETER - Our quick read oral thermometer is not only suitable for babies and toddlers but also perfect for adults and elders. This digital thermometer can also be used to take temperature readings of various objects like liquids, foods, and rooms so that you can avoid scald accidents and undercooked meals.
  • SAFE AND SECURE - Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your babies. That is why our oral thermometer has undergone various clinical tests and obtained various medical certification. Recommended by pediatricians, this digital thermometer is a must-have product in everyone’s home!


Dual Mode Thermometer:

Our one second thermometer has two different modes such as forehead mode and ear mode to take the reading of a quirky infant and can be easily switched between them. Just take the probe cover off to turn the thermometer suitable for ear

3 Fever Indicators:

The green backlight in our ear probe thermometer shows that your baby’s temperature is normal and the temperature ranges from 86.6°F to 99.2°F.

The fever alarm will flash an orange backlight and give 3 beeps to warn you of feverish temperatures (above 99.3°F),   

The high fever alarm will flash a red backlight and give 5 beeps to warn you of feverish temperatures (above 100.4°F),  


Multiple-use Thermometer

Fever Alarm and Memory Storage

Hygienic and professional grade

Intelligent Temperature Warning