Dermoplast Hospital Strength Pain Relieving Spray, 2 Oz

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Product Overview

About Dermoplast Hospital Strength Pain Relieving Spray

  • HOSPITAL STRENGTH DERMOPLAST SPRAY is used for: minor cuts, scrapes & burns, insect bites, blisters and sunburn. Childhood & family life are full of little irritations. Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray prepares you to care for your family with quick pain relief.
  • PAIN RELIEF SPRAY FOR MOMS & KIDS: Benzocaine is a max strength OTC pain relieving ingredient for minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Dermoplast relieves pain on contact, and the no-touch spray application makes it great for sensitive areas and kids (ages 2+).
  • DERMOPLAST SPRAY: Most new moms first are introduced to Dermoplast spray in the hospital. The no-touch application & fast acting pain relief make it the ideal pain relief for kids (2+). Works on sensitive areas, hard to reach burns, cuts and scrapes.
  • A VARIETY OF SOOTHING RELIEF: Dermoplast is available in a Hospital Strength Formula with 20% Benzocaine plus antiseptic Spray & a Pain Reliving Spray for things like sunburns, scrapes, or insect bites.
  • DERMOPLAST FIRST AID SPRAY: Dermoplast offers both Pain Relieving Spray, and First Aid Antiseptic Spray. Try the comfort of Dermoplast if you've used Blue Emu, Stopain, Dettol Antiseptic Liquids, Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment, or Hibiclens.

Dermoplast Hospital Strength Spray - Trusted Relief Of Pain, Burn & Itch.

 With maximum allowed level of active ingredient Benzocaine (20%) combined with 0.5% menthol to provide immediate relief of pain and itch associated with:

· Minor cuts

· Scrapes

· Minor burns

· Insect bites

· Sunburn

· Minor skin irritations

No-touch application helps treat hard-to-reach areas without rubbing or further irritating the wound.

Dermoplast Spray Cools, Moisturizes & Refreshes With Aloe, Lanolin & Menthol.

Hospital Strength Dermoplast Spray provides soothing and refreshing relief from the pain and itching associated with scrapes, sunburns, insect bites, minor cuts and burns.

Dermoplast combines hospital strength benzocaine with Aloe, Lanolin and Menthol to soothe, refresh and moisturize the affected areas while aiding in the healing process.

Dermoplast Spray Provides Comfort For The Entire Family.

A must have for all moms but also safe for children 2 years and older. Can be sprayed on scraped knees, minor cuts, sunburn and other minor burns.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review