Medical Grade Carebag Men's Urinal Bag with Super Absorbent Pad, 20 ct

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Features of Medical Grade Carebag Men's Urinal Bag with Super Absorbent Pad , 20ct

  • Who likes to clean a plastic male urinal after use? You don't have to do it anymore! The Carebag Men's Urinal Bag has been designed to effectively catch and contain urine and spare you the trouble of cleaning up your clothes, bed sheets or floor in case of spillage. Carebag men's urinal absorbent bags are medical grade bags equipped with a unique super absorbent pad which turns up to 16oz of urine into a gel. Designed for both children and adults, Carebag men's urinal absorbent bags are the ideal solution for bedridden individuals, people subject to stress incontinence or simply when a toilet is not available.
  • One of Cleanis' many missions is to empower people with physical, developmental, intellectual and mental health challenges to enjoy lives of dignity and purpose. The product, Carebag men's urinal bag you are currently considering has been processed at the Association for Individual Development (AID), a vocational facility in Aurora, Illinois by individuals with disabilities. The goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment so that each participant can learn and obtain new skills at their own pace. We would like to thank you in advance for helping individuals with disabilities grow and improve their level of confidence and personal satisfaction for a paid job well done.

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    All boxes are ripped

    Posted by El on Jun 27th 2020

    Ordered total of 8 boxes and all boxes are already opened and ripped. It looks like everything was just repackaged. This should not have been sold. Tried to return everything, but no reply from them