Maintaining Sanitation Through The Pandemic With Face Masks

Posted by RMS Products on Jan 10th 2021

Maintaining Sanitation Through The Pandemic With Face Masks

The current pandemic situation has persuaded people to maintain sanitation and hygiene both indoors and outdoors. To prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus, the world health organization recommended that people not leave the house without wearing a mask and to always carry hand sanitizer. It is advised to also maintain social distancing by standing six feet apart from another person. Even the government had issued strict laws and fines against citizens who refused to wear masks and maintain social distancing. With death rates rising and businesses incurring substantial financial losses due to nationwide lock downs, it should not come as a surprise that hygiene regulations are being strictly implemented. Around twenty percent of the total Covid-19 cases have been proven asymptomatic. These asymptomatic cases have produced greater fear and panic in human minds, and they have accordingly forced them to abide by sanitation laws. 

Masks have become essential in this pandemic and are available in various materials on the market. This is further confusing people and tricking them into purchasing the wrong kind of mask. Thus, below stated is the difference between the disposable anti dust face mask and N-95 face mask.

  • Disposable anti-dust face mask – Also known as 'Surgical masks,' they come with double straps that may get detached from the show very quickly. These can be utilized for one-time use only. They can restrict the spread of germs coming out of the user's mouth, but they cannot filter the air inhaled from the outer environment.
  • N-95 Face Masks– These types come with complete filter materials, and some of them are even washable, making them flexible for day to day usage. The N95 face masks are also certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and are reliable.

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